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Clarissa Gannon is the Owner of the online coaching company, Vegan Fit For Life (formerly Elite Fit For Life). She is also a multiple-times certified personal trainer and nutritionist.


Clarissa founded Vegan Fit For Life as a result of her expansive experience in the fitness industry and after observing just how broken it is. After making the decision to incorporate a vegan lifestyle to help some health and digestive issues, Clarissa realized how desperate the vegan community was with needing real information and real nutritional strategies. 

As a result, Vegan Fit For Life has become a main source of nutritional information for not only the general population, but also for the vegan competitive athlete. Clarissa holds several specialist certifications and implements full integration of health in all nutritional protocols.

Clarissa herself is an avid competitor in the NPC as well as mother to four amazing children (young adults) and wife to an entrepreneur. Residing in sunny New Mexico, she helps women around the world achieve lasting success.


*NCI Nutrition L1

*NCI Nutrition L2

*Nutrition and Dietetics

*Sports Nutrition

*Precision Nutrition -PN1

*Precision Nutrition - PN2
*Iyengar Yoga- Beginning Yoga Certification
*30 Hour Yin Yoga Instruct
ion Certification
*ASFA- Master Trainer

Scooby U - Functional Wellness


Clarissa Gannon. Fitness and Nutrition Coach. Ceo Vegan-fit-for-Life
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