Meet Coach Clarissa

Clarissa Gannon is the owner of the online coaching company, Vegan Fit For Life and is a multiple-times certified fitness and nutrition coach.


Clarissa founded Vegan Fit for Life in 2014 and has over a decade of experience in the fitness industry.  Clarissa founded Vegan Fit for Life as a result of her experience in the fitness industry and the observation of just how broken it is. After Clarissa made the decision to incorporate a vegan lifestyle to help some health and digestive issues in 2017, it became quite apparent that this - the vegan community - needed real information and real nutritional strategies. 

As a result, Vegan Fit for Life has become a main source of nutritional information for not only the general population, but also for the vegan competitive athlete. Clarissa holds several specialist certifications and she implements full integration of health in all nutritional protocols.  


Clarissa herself is an avid competitor in the NPC as well as mother to four amazing children (young adults) and wife to an entrepreneur. Residing in sunny New Mexico, she helps women around the world achieve lasting success.

Meet Coach Luisa

Hello! My name is Luisa, though most call me Lulu. I am a Navy Veteran and currently an online health coach. I am a bodybuilder (Wellness Division hopeful) and have been vegan for almost 3 years (best decision of my life!). I am originally from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, am currently located in Virginia Beach, and soon will be calling Asheville, North Caroline home! My favorite part about coaching is watching my clients recognize their potential and step into their confidence.


I am currently working on my masters degree in Nutrition and Human Performance at Logan University. I went through the FITOPS Foundation to get my CPT, am Precision Nutrition certified, and also working on additional certifications through the Nutrition Coaching Institute so I can be the best coach for my clients. In any free time I get, I love to play guitar, spend time in the mountains with my fur babies, and read tarot! I am SO excited to be a part of the team and able to learn more about everyone.

Meet Coach Deandra

My name is Deandra, but call me Coach D!  I specialize in the self-care, mindset, and stress management aspects of health! As you may already know, our mental health is just as important as our physical health and when they both meet and achieve synchronization, that’s when the magic happens!! We are each unique in our individuality and life experiences and our health journey should be no different! I want to individualize and support YOUR journey, so you can live YOUR best life!!


Besides I was once in your very shoes. I struggled my entire life with my body image issues and weight loss journey trying ALL the things. I chose to learn and receive my degree in nutrition and health desperate to find a better way! Life happened of course and a series of unfortunate events and experiences forced me to nose dive into focusing on my mental and emotional health immediately! Once I DID the work and chose this ever-evolving path for myself, I was able to apply this focus toward my physical health.


Why am I telling you all this?! I UNDERSTAND the journey. I’m no body builder or competitor - HUGE shout out to each of those rockstar individuals - I’m just a mom, wife, average gal who DESERVES to live out my best life while FEELING good!! I want each of you to experience this! You DESERVE it and are more than WORTH it!

Meet Coach Olivia

Hello! My name is Olivia and I am so excited to be part of the Vegan Fit for Life coaching team. I live in Tampa, Florida, and I am a pharmacist, diabetes educator, and self-proclaimed wellness enthusiast. After years of practicing as a pharmacist, I’ve come to realize that so many chronic diseases stem from lifestyle habits. My goal is to do more work on the prevention side of things and to help others adopt a healthier, happier lifestyle free from preventable diseases.


I have been vegan for almost 3 years (and was vegetarian for about 4 years prior to that!) and veganism has quickly become a passion of mine. I strive to help others recognize the importance of including more plants in their diets, and I love to educate others on how to implement a plant-focused diet while also reaching aesthetic and performance goals.


I am also a bodybuilder, and recently competed in my first NPC bikini competition. I am hooked, and can’t wait to keep building muscle and to compete again in the future! In my free time, I love to lift weights, spend time at the beach, explore new vegan restaurants, go on walks with my dog and my boyfriend, paddle board, and do jigsaw puzzles. Looking forward to working with everyone!

Meet Coach Maria

Maria Rose first discovered yoga in college. She practiced off and on for years while finishing her undergraduate and graduate degrees, becoming a mother, and pursuing a career in the arts. In 2018 Maria Rose was in a car accident that left her with a back injury and a fear for her long-term mobility. Initially practicing yoga at home as a part of her recovery, Maria Rose eventually wanted to take it to the next level.
In 2021, she started Yoga Teacher Training at the New Mexico School of Yoga under the direction of Maria Garré. Maria completed her 200-hour Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training and immediately continued her education. She is set to complete her 500 Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Training in the fall of 2022. Maria teaches private, online, and group classes while continuing her yogic education.
Maria’s approach to yoga remains ever focused on connecting the mind, body, and spirit. Her Ayurvedic classes are created to suit the individual and the season. You can expect to find a balance between hard work and gentle connection to self.

Meet Coach Nessa

Nessa’s interest in health and wellness began at an early age, having survived a life-threatening cancer diagnosis in childhood, she dove deep into sports, exercise, and nutrition as a teen to rebuild her strength and gain a sense of control over her body.


The journey was not an easy one, as she spent many years searching for answers and trying to understand health and wellness from all facets of being. This led her to dive deeper into exploring the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of health. After studying psychology in college, she went on to obtain her license in massage therapy as well as become certified to teach yoga. These advanced trainings allowed her to learn more about how the body functions in direct correlation to certain stressors experienced throughout one’s life, while sharing her passion and building a rewarding career in the wellness industry.


Her passion for health and wellness exploration continued and opened in her the desire to understand the body from a more western medicine standpoint which she wanted to combine with a more holistic approach. She went on to obtain her license in Paramedicine and then become certified as a Health and Wellness Coach so she could better assist her clients from a more diverse and in-depth understanding of the human body.


Nessa has always believed in the healing power of food as medicine and loves to help guide her clients to fully connect with their food choices understanding the greater impact in their overall health and wellbeing. She continues to deepen her education and training so she can better support people from all walks of life on their healing journey. Her personal experiences with her own health struggles are her motivating factor, so she can be a source of guidance and light for others on their journey towards wholeness.

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