Meet Coach Clarissa

Clarissa Gannon is  the Owner of The online Coaching Company, Vegan Fit For Life.

As well as a multiple times certified fitness and nutrition coach.


Clarissa Founded Vegan Fit  in 2014 and has over a decade of experience in the fitness industry.  Clarissa founded Vegan Fit  as a result of her experience in the fitness industry and the observation of just how broken it is. After Clarissa made the decision to incorporate a Vegan lifestyle to help some health and digestive issues, in 2017,  it was quite apparent that this- the Vegan community, needed real information and real nutritional strategies. 

As a result Vegan Fit has become a main source of nutritional information for not only the general population, but also for the Vegan Competitive athlete. Clarissa holds several  specialist certifications and implements full integration of health in all nutritional protocols.   

Clarissa herself is an avid competitor in the NPC as well as mother to four amazing children ( young adults) and wife to an entrepreneur. Residing in sunny New Mexico, yet helping women around the world achieve lasting success.

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Meet Coach Dawn

Hi! My name is Dawn Capra-Grace.  I have a long relationship with fitness and food.  I have been a plant based eater for around 35 years, becoming a vegetarian at age 17.  But long before that I was vegan.  When I was a small child I was diagnosed with severe food allergies and by default became a vegan child in the 1970s.  Boy let me tell you how far we have come from those early days.  As I grew my food allergies began to clear up, and I tried foods I had never been able to try before.  By the time I hit high school I knew that meatless was for me.  I have never eaten eggs or milk because I never developed a taste for them, still have not.

I grew up in an eating disordered home and culture and by default became eating disordered and struggled with body dysmorphia.  I have always been an extremely active person and played sports in school.  In my 20s I struggled with addiction and once I got clean I headed right back to fitness as a means of self-care and overcoming my previous struggles.  I became certified as a yoga instructor and am certified to teach Baptiste power Vinyasa and Bikram hot yoga.  But weight lifting is my passion as well as hiking and roller skating.  

I decided to train for a fitness show when I turned 45 and that is where I met Clarissa.  We were the only 2 vegan competitors there, and it was meant to be.  I retired from a 30-year career as a hairdresser to pursue my passion of helping people feel better about themselves in a new direction as a nutrition and fitness coach.  I am currently working toward a certification as a herbalist and continuing my education as a coach.  I am so excited to be a part of Elite Fit For Life and to be here to help you accomplish your goals.


Meet Coach Luisa

Hello! My name is Luisa, though most call me Lulu. I am a Navy Veteran and currently an online health coach. I am a bodybuilder (Wellness Division hopeful) and have been vegan for almost 3 years (best decision of my life!). I am originally from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, am currently located in Virginia Beach, and soon will be calling Asheville, North Caroline home! My favorite part about coaching is watching my clients recognize their potential and step into their confidence. I am currently working on my masters degree in Nutrition and Human Performance at Logan University. I went through the FITOPS Foundation to get my CPT, am Precision Nutrition certified, and also working on additional certifications through the Nutrition Coaching Institute so I can be the best coach for my clients. In any free time I get, I love to play guitar, spend time in the mountains with my fur babies, and read tarot! I am SO excited to be apart of the team and to get to learn more about everyone.