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The Benefits of Physical Exercise

The Bottom line... Move more, sit less! The benefits of physical exercise.

We all know that regular physical exercise is good for us and yet obesity, obesity related cancer and diabetes stats continue to rise. And yet only about 30% of Americans say they exercise regularly. The physical Guidelines for Americans reccommends that healthy adults get a minimum of 2 1/2 hrs of moderate intensity exercise a week. With 168 hours in a week it seems a bit irrational that 70% of our population doesn't make the effort set asaide just 2 1/2 hrs of their week to invest in something that may save your life.

Yes! Save your life! One of the benefits of regular, moderate intensity exercise is that it can lower your risk of coronary heart disease, cardiovasular disease and stroke.

Exercise has also been shown to have an impact on hypertention, lowering elevated blood pressure levels by an average of 10mm for both sytsolic and diastolic.

Diabetes? Exercise has also been shown to have a substantial positive effect on prevention of type 2 diabetes. As well as improving a variety of glucose measures, including tissue sesitivity, improved glucose tolerance and even a decrease in glucose measure.

According to the CDC being physically active lowers your risk for both colon and breast cancer. And may reduce the risk of endometrial and lung cancer as well.

Exercising rugularly also helps with arthiritis. And the aerobic, muscle strengthening activity can slow the loss of bone density that comes with age. Did you know that bone is also a living tissue? And regular exercise not only strengthens the muscles, allowing us to maintain greater strength, coordination and balance, joint strength and stabilty; but also helps to acheive maximum bone density and strength.

Your endocrine system is responsible for many functions, including triggering muscle contraction, stimulation of protein and fat synthesis, activating enzyme systems, regulating, growth and metabolism. As well as how the body istelf responds to both physical and emotional stressors.

Exercise is one of the best ways to stimulate the release and reception of hormones, as well as increasing the amount of circulating hormones in our bodies, as well as stimulating the hormonal receptor sites. Meaning that exercise can boost your mood by releasing endorphins, up to 5 times higher than at a resting rate. Which resluts in reduced stress and anxiety and can lessen depression. Leaving you happier and more relaxed.

Exercise also increses the stimulation of leptin, which controls your appetite.

Regular exercise also improves your sleep, as the body compensates physical stress by increasing deep sleep, therfore we sleep more deeply and soundly after exercise.

Exercise boosts your endurance, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to your tissues resulting in your heart and lungs working more efficiently. So you have more energy to get stuff done, boom! And since you are more energized and your endocrine system is fully charged now, you now improve your sex life. Regular exercise can lead to enchanced arrousal. And men who exercise are less likely to have erectile dysfunction than men who do not exercise.

As we all know exercise helps shed unwanted or unhealthy weight, as well as simply helping to maintain your weight. You can also build your body up adding lean muscle mass, resulting in a healthier body fat percentage. And bonus: since you are doing something for you, investing in youreslf doing something that is good for you, building you up both inside and out, you will more than likely notice that your mood and comfidence levels will rise! Another exciting benefit of exercising.

Exercising can be fun, challenging, a way to unwind and blow off steam after a difficult day. A way to build your confidence up. Or maybe it's your meditation. It can also be something that you simply enjoy doing, you could even parter up and do something you love with someone you care about. Bike, jog, walk sign up for that 5k, soccer, baseball, hiking, pick up something heavy and put it down, swimming, the bottom line is; just find something you like to do and do it. The possiblitites are virtually endless. And it may just save your life.

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