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Why do we fail

How bad do you want it?

So you've seen a picture of fitness model somewhere and you've decided, hey I want to look like that. And so you go on a diet. You start a new exercise program. And then you decide its too hard and in a few months you've dropped it all by the wayside. Why? Because it's hard. Because you just jumped right in at too much of an extremely that you are not able to sustain. Unrealistic expectations. Lack of direction. Lack of support. It's too hard. You don't have enough patience.

Its a hard journey. And every single moment of it is yours. No one can do the work for you. You have to condition your mind as well as your body. If you want to look like you stepped out of a magazine, there is tremendous amount of work you must do, not only in the gym, but in your mind as well. Hence the saying. "its a lifestyle". Because it truly is.

You can do a ton of work in the gym, but if your diet isn't on the same track you probably not going to get those results you want so badly. So how do you train your mind? Small steps. First of all, you must believe you can. And then work from there. Nothing is built overnight, so why would you expect your body to undergo a transformation overnight? Its slow daily progress that is the key to success. Its setting small attainable goals frequently and meeting them consistently that will give you the results you want. Its a learning your body process. Its listening to your body. Its accepting that something that worked for someone may not work for you. Each and every individual is unique. And listening to your is key. For instance, daily HiiT may work for one, while it does not work for you. Higher protein macros may work for one while you do better at a bit lower. It's all completely unique to the individual. Listen to your body. Find what works for you personally and then stick with it. Consistency is key. It will require patience and dedication. Day after day. Week after week. Year after year. And then you realize, you've made an entire lifestyle change. One that benefits your mind and your body, inside and out.

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