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Join us for a 2 day Master Class, Navigating Menopause Through the Gut. 
As we dive into :

The gut  Hormone Connection•

Basics of hormones peri-menopause/menopauseo Estradiol and progesterone

And Testosterone

How gut bacteria diversity lowers as you go through menopause 


How this affects:

Macro/Micro absorption

Mood Immune system

Nervous system         


Skeletal System

Energy Prodution

And best of all what you can do with out hormone replacement therapy, to correct these issues so that you  look and feel amazing!

Navigating Menopause Through the Gut

$49.99 Regular Price
$29.99Sale Price
  • "I enjoyed it.  My main takeaway was to start having a little something to eat before I run off to the gym.  Like coach Clarissa, I’m up and at it early in the morning and generally just take a pre-workout mix and an anhydrous caffeine pill.  I’ll start with my energy date balls since that will be quick to grab in the morning.  

    I’m not much of a breakfast person so I hadn’t considered the higher cortisol, which is always highest in the morning, and then I add to it with my workout. I will be implementing that change starting tomorrow.  

    Anything that helps me nudge myself closer to meeting the needs of my body, 10 years post menopause now, is so worthwhile. "- Terri

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